2022 Call for Nominations

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The CANNT/ACITN Nominating Committee is looking for CANNT/ACITN members to apply for the following positions on the CANNT/ACITN Board of Directors. Positions will commence October 2022 in Hamilton.

Deadline for nominations is June 1, 2022.

The positions open are:

  • VP Western Region (Three-year term)
  • VP Quebec (Three-year term)
  • VP Ontario (Three-year term)
  • VP Atlantic Region (Three-year term)
  • VP Technologists (Three-year term)

Eligibility for office: Member in good standing.
General Requirements
Each candidate must:

  • Understand the responsibilities of each position.
  • Be willing to commit the required amount of time to fulfil the duties of office.
  • Be willing to work within parliamentary procedure, which is used to ensure an efficient and fair voting procedure by self-governing organizations.
  • Will submit a National Officer Candidate Information Form available online here.

Benefits to Board Membership

  • Having a direct voice in how your Association is run.
  • Complimentary registration for the annual conference, with travel and 50% accommodations covered.
  • CNA recognition of a professional committee membership/participation (executive of a specialty association) and 25 hours can be claimed annually toward certification hours.

Position Descriptions:

  1. Regional Vice-President: Elected by membership for a period of three years. Promotes and facilitates the goals and objectives of the Association throughout the region. The Vice-President represents his or her region’s concerns and acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the membership. Will act as liaison to the annual conference planning committee, when the conference is being hosted in the Regional Vice-President’s region.
  2. Vice-President Technologists: Elected by membership for a period of three years. Promotes and facilitates the goals and objectives of the association. The Vice-President represents the concerns and addresses issues of the technologists on a local and national level to the Board of Directors. Be available to consult with the technical representation for the Annual Conference.

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