Head Office

Amgen Canada
6775 Financial Drive, Suite 100
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 0A4
Contact: 1-905-285-3000

About Amgen

Amgen applies science to help fight serious illness and dramatically improve lives. With headquarters in ON and a research facility in BC, Amgen Canada has been an important contributor since 1991, supporting the field of Nephrology since 2002. Today, tens of thousands of Canadians use Amgen medicines every year, and thousands are enrolling in clinical studies. As a global leader in breakthrough biologic medicines, Amgen is committed to practical, cost-effective and long-term solutions to sustain and improve the healthcare system. Biologic medicines have the ability to change the practice of medicine, and Amgen works to find solutions that are in the best interests of Canadians. One of Canada’s Top 100 R&D spenders, Amgen is committed to furthering research in Canada. Every year, Amgen invests approximately CAD $70 million into R&D in Canada. Amgen is proud to contribute to philanthropic efforts, raising the value of science literacy and attracting bright young minds into the field of science. Amgen also supports numerous initiatives that help patients and caregivers through their journey. For more information visit www.amgen.ca.