Renal Administrative Leaders Network of Ontario (RALNO)

Core Values:

  • Collaboration working together we can achieve great results
  • Empowerment encourage and support renal leaders to take initiative
  • Innovation leading-edge organization creating possibilities
  • Passion strive to be the best at what we do
  • Advocacy advocate for optimal patient experience and outcomes
  • Communication open, honest and respectful


RALNO Board Members will coordinate a yearly conference which will focus on and highlight relevant nephrology related topics including current practice, program operations.

Joining RALNO: To inquire about joining as a member of RALNO please contact one of the below board members.


Michelle Donoghue, RN, CNeph (C)
Clinical Practice Leader, Regional Nephrology Program, Lakeridge Health

The President shall preside at all meetings of the group and shall hold the position for a period of two years. The President shall have custody of all records and provide direction and overall leadership of the group. The President will speak on behalf of RALNO at meetings with government and other provincial service providers. The President will approve all financial disbursements.  The term of office is two years.  After the two-year term if the individual wishes to remain a member of the RALNO board the President incumbent will transition to the role of RALNO Advisor.

The President of RALNO (or a delegate if the President is unable to attend) is invited to sit at the Provincial Leadership Table (PLT) which is a forum for the broad renal network to get together and provide advice and expertise to support the strategic direction and initiatives of the Ontario Renal Plan.

Vice President:

Ethan Holtzer, MHSc, CHE
Director, Operations and Quality at Dialysis Management Clinics

The Vice President shall be vested with all of the powers and shall perform all of the duties of the President in the event of the absence of the President or the President’s inability or refusal to act. The VP will provide an annual financial statement (or more frequently if necessary) for RALNO.  The VP shall perform any other incidental duties appropriate to the position called upon by the President and/or the group. The term of office is two years. After the two-year term if the individual wishes to remain a member of the RALNO board the Vice President incumbent will transition to the role of President.


Clint Gunn, MscN, CNEPH(C)
Patient Care Manager-Multi-Care Kidney Clinic, Home Dialysis and Family Medicine Teaching Unit at Scarborough Health Network

The Advisor is the former President of RALNO and shall attend RALNO board meetings in order to provide background information and continuity in decision making as appropriate.  The Advisor, at the direction of RALNO board, may take leadership on a specific issue or topic.  The term of office is one year.

Board Member/s:

An additional 1-3 board members may serve to support the strategic goals and functions of RALNO. Terms must be a minimum of two years.