CANNT Awards and Grants

CANNT 2020 Awards

Recognition Awards

Supported by CANNT

CANNT Award of Excellence – Clinical Practice

Nurses who establish caring patient/family relationships, resolve difficult patient or family situations, identify or resolve ethical dilemmas effectively, show great knowledge and skill in nephrological patient care and demonstrate assessment skills or psychosocial support.

Alicia Moonesar, BScN, MScN, NP-PHC DNP (c)

CANNT Award of Excellence – Education

Is presented to nurses or technologists involved in staff or patient education who Provide creative, innovative learning experiences through which the learner may grow professionally.

Primrose Mharapara, BScN, MScN-PHC-NP, CNeph(C)

CANNT Journal Award

Supported by CANNT

The CANNT Journal Award is presented to recognize excellence in nephrology writing

Maureen Leyser, BScN-PHCNP, MN-ACNP, PhD (Candidate), Sangyang Jia, MD and Louise Vitou, MDCM, FRCPC

Volume 30(2) 2020 (Apr-Jun):Peritoneal dialysis for heart failure patients is associated with improved health outcomes


Specialized Awards

Allied Health Professionals Award

Is presented to advance patient care and to facilitate the professional development of Canadian Nephrology Nurses and Nephrology Technologists as well as Allied Health Professionals working in nephrology.

Sponsored by

Segun Famure, MPH, MEd, CHE

Educational Bursaries

CANNT General Bursary Franca Tantalo (Masters level)

Is presented to promote and support nurses studying at the Masters level in a program that will include and enhance their nephrology nursing practice

Sponsored by


Rachael Blair, RN, BScN, CNEPH(C)