Association Activities

There are numerous ongoing as well as emerging activities, which are vital to the forward progression of CANNT. These require commitment from all in terms of ideas, time, energy and financial support.


Membership activities are under the direction of the President-Elect as chairperson of the Membership Committee. They are responsible for the development of membership information and services packages. There is also an emphasis on marketing the Association with a goal of increasing our membership.

CANNT Journal

The CANNT Journal has undergone positive changes with the addition of regular columns and continuing education articles. The Journal has undergone peer review and has achieved peer status. The Journal continues to carry out its goal to share Nephrology information with the membership. What is always needed is input from the membership. All articles are welcome and appreciated. The Journal is published four times a year.


The Nephrology Nurse provides a caring, therapeutic environment for the patient and family. Nephrology Technologists are actively involved in many aspects of care of the patient with end-stage renal disease. They have the responsibility to ensure that the equipment and methods used in Nephrology-related treatments are safe, effective and in accordance with accepted protocol. The CANNT Standards of Practice establish measures for determining the quality of care the patient receives and provides a means for judging the competence of the Nephrology Nurse and Technologist. The Standards provide Nurses and Technologists with direction and promote quality care and excellence in practice. CANNT encourages the profession to remain current and competent by regularly evaluating performance against the CANNT Standards.

Annual Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee is under the direction of a chairperson who reports to a representative on the Board of Directors. The Annual Conference has become one of the most highly regarded meetings of its kind in Canada and is the Association’s most ambitious and prestigious project. The national conference is held at selected major sites annually and is also the occasion for the Association’s Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony. Historically, it has been the major fundraising activity of the organization.

The Conference centers primarily on presentations directed toward and given by nephrology nurses and technologists. Relevant presentations by other disciplines are welcome. It is organized by volunteer members and takes a full two years of planning and preparation and serves as a forum for members to come together, exchange ideas, discuss common problems and share in the most up to date scientific sessions. The conferences also provide a platform for members to speak with one voice on the Association’s position on current topics.

Regional Conferences & Local Dinner Groups

CANNT attempts to provide educational opportunities that are affordable, accessible, significant and timely. Regional conferences are usually offered annually. Dinner Groups may be  organized regionally. Members may contact their regional VP for information.


Prior to 1985, the Association offered a voluntary certification examination to eligible members. In the early 1980s the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) was asked to study the feasibility of developing examinations for certification in nursing specialties. It is predicted that in the future, certification will become a part of credentialing for specialty nurses. In 1990 CANNT chose to join CNA in their certification program in an effort to meet general standards of reliability and validity testing. The exam for the CNeph(C) designation has semi-annual exam windows through CNA with recertification required every five years. Well over half of the CANNT nursing membership is now certified thereby demonstrating their commitment to the nephrology profession and quality patient care.

CANNT continues to participate in exam development activities with the CNA. A major thrust of CANNT is the provision of activities through which recertification hours may be accrued.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Established in 2006, SIGs are established groups whose members share similar interests related to their role or area of practice within the nephrology community. Each group promotes the philosophy and purpose of CANNT through the dissemination of knowledge amongst those involved in the care of patients with renal disease by sharing expertise & practice experiences.


This will provide another source of communication to members and any that wish to access our site. The opportunities and services that can be provided through the Internet are vast and it is to our benefit to capitalize on this excellent tool.


The Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists awards various Bursaries and a Research Grant annually. Application deadline for all Bursaries and Grants are due May 1st annually.

Excellence in Practice Awards

CANNT would like to recognize and celebrate excellence in our colleagues through our annual awards program. This program is open to all CANNT members in good standing. Nominations are accepted for the following categories:

  • Clinical Practice
  • Technological
  • Administrative
  • Research
  • Education
  • Novice

Nomination deadline is May 1st annually.

Journal Award

This award is presented to the author of the best article to appear in the CANNT Journal during the year.

Nephrology Health Care Professionals Day

This day of celebration of the collaborative efforts of healthcare providers involved in the care of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease through all stages is celebrated annually in September on the third Wednesday of the month. Coordinated along with nephrology dietitians, social workers and pharmacists’ associations, CANNT promotes and encourages the celebrations of nurses and technologists in their workplace along with these members of the healthcare team.