There are several awards and grants that CANNT members can apply for yearly. Members can also nominate a fellow CANNT member for their outstanding
work in nephrology.

IMPORTANT: Members may apply for more than one bursary per year but will only be able to be the recipient of one award per year.

Deadline to apply: June 1, 2022

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 Recognition Awards (Subject to Funding)

  • The CANNT Technical Bursary for technical members ($2000) subject to funding
  • The Frances Boutilier Bursary for a registered nurse pursuing continuing education at the baccalaureate level ($2000)
  • The Franca Tantalo Bursary for a registered nurse studying at the graduate level ($2000) – Supported by Fresenius
  • The Research Grant is for a member conducting a research project in the advancement of nephrology practice ($3000) subject to funding
  • Amgen Canada Inc. Nursing Research Project Grant– Novice Researcher (minor project), to the value of $2,000 subject to funding
  • Nursing Research Grant – Experienced Researcher (major project), to the value of $4,000 subject to funding
  • Nephrology Preceptorship/Mentorship Grant – Nurse Practitioner, Vascular Access, Nursing Outreach – three granted per year to the value of $3,000 each subject to funding
  • Nephrology Technological Practice Grant, to the value of $2,000 subject to funding
  • Allied Health Professionals Grant, to the value of $2,000 subject to funding

More Information

Frances Boutilier Bursary

To promote and encourage nurses to pursue continuing education at the bachelor of nursing level.

Franca Tantalo Graduate Bursary

To promote and support nurses studying at the Masters level in a program that will include and enhance their nephrology nursing practice

Technical Bursary

To promote and encourage continuing education in nephrology within the technical membership.

CANNT Research Grant

To promote member research in the area of

  • nephrology
  • nursing and technology

More Information and Criteria

Aims of the Program

The aims of the Amgen Canada Research, Preceptorship/Mentorship, Technical and Allied Health Grants Program are to advance patient care and to facilitate the professional development of Canadian Nephrology Nurses and Nephrology Technologists as well as Allied Health Professionals working in nephrology. This represents Amgen Canada Inc.’s continued commitment to the Canadian nephrology community. The goals of the Amgen Canada Research, Preceptorship/Mentorship, Technical and Allied Health Grants Program are: • To improve patient care and associated outcomes; • To build on existing nursing and technological knowledge through facilitation of research, preceptorship/mentorship, and educational opportunities; • To generate new knowledge that will improve the understanding of renal disease management; and • To provide a vehicle to inspire nephrology nurses and nephrology technologists to seek new learning opportunities and engage in professional projects.

The following criteria will be considered when evaluating applications and proposals:

Significance – The potential to build on existing knowledge that will improve nephrology practice, education or patient care.

Research Quality – This include clarity of the rationale, hypothesis and objective, strengths and weakness of the experimental design and feasibility of project completion.

*note – if the application is not for a research project, is the rationale for the project clearly defined and have they clearly outlined the objectives and plan.

Applicant Qualifications – Demonstrated support for (via written reference) or experience that predicts successful completion of the project.

Budget – Feasibility of project completion with proposed budget.

Excellence in Practice Awards Program

CANNT recognizes and celebrates excellence of members through the annual Excellence in Practice Awards Program.

The recipients receive a certificate of recognition. CANNT Novice Award recognizes and celebrates excellence of members with 1 -5 years of nephrology experience. The recipients receive a certificate of recognition, one per region and one for a technologist.

This program is open to all CANNT members in good standing. Nominations are accepted for the following categories:

Clinical Practice

Nurses who:

  • Establish caring patient/family relationships,
  • Resolve difficult patient or family situations,
  • Identify or resolve ethical dilemmas effectively,
  • Show great knowledge and skill in nephrological patient care,
  • Demonstrate assessment skills or psychosocial support.

Technological Practice

Technologists who:

  • Develop/implement programs incorporating quality improvement measures,
  • Are outstanding mentors, preceptors or advocates of research-based practice,
  • Demonstrate committed support to the health care team.

Administration / Leadership

Managers/administrators who:

  • Portray/demonstrate a commitment to professional growth of staff thereby enhancing quality of care provided,
  • Encourage autonomous and collaborative decision-making among staff.


Nurses or technologists who:

  • Develop and/or participate in research which enhances patient outcomes in the field of nephrology,
  • Advocate research-based practice.


Nurses or Technologists involved in staff or patient education who:

  • Provide creative, innovative learning experiences through which the learner may grow professionally.


Nurses or Technologists involved in mentorship who:

  • have a willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a positive role model
  • Value ongoing learning and growth in the nephrology
  • Help motivate others by setting a good example of clinical excellence through formal and informal mentorship opportunities


Nurses and Technologists who:

  • have 1 – 5 years of experience
  • demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for nephrology practice
  • demonstrate promising qualities in areas such as patient advocacy, clinical practice, continuous learning, technological initiatives