2023 CANNT Board of Directors Call for Nominations

The CANNT/ACITN Nominating Committee is looking for CANNT/ACITN members to apply for the following positions on the CANNT/ACITN Board of Directors. Positions will commence October 2022 in Hamilton.

The positions open are:

  • President-Elect/Treasurer

Eligibility for office: Member in good standing.

General Requirements
Each candidate must:

  • Understand the responsibilities of each position.
  • Be willing to commit the required amount of time to fulfil the duties of office.
  • Be willing to work within parliamentary procedure, which is used to ensure an efficient and fair voting procedure by self-governing organizations.
  • Will submit a National Officer Candidate Information Form available online.

Benefits to Board Membership

  • Having a direct voice in how your Association is run.
  • Complimentary registration for the annual conference, with travel and 50% accommodations covered.
  • CNA recognition of a professional committee membership/participation (executive of a specialty association) and 25 hours can be claimed annually toward certification hours.

Position Descriptions:

President-Elect/Treasurer: Elected by the membership for a period of two years prior to becoming President for two years. Assists the President in the overall administration, including the financial affairs of the Association while becoming familiar with the operation of CANNT in preparation to assume the Presidency.