CANNT Awards and Grants

Recognition Awards

CANNT Award of Excellence – Administrative

Is presented to managers/administrators who demonstrate a commitment to professional growth of staff thereby enhancing quality of care provided. Encourage autonomous and collaborative decision-making among staff.

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2019 Winner

Manuela Felsberg RN

CANNT Journal Award

Is presented to recognize excellence in nephrology writing.

Supported by CANNT

2019 Winner

Patricia A. Quinan MN, RN, CNeph(C)

Grants by Member Application

CANNT Nursing Research Project Grant– Novice Researcher

Is presented to advance patient care and to facilitate the professional development of Canadian Nephrology Nurses and Nephrology Technologists as well as Allied Health Professionals working in nephrology.

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2019 Winner

Carol Wright, RN, BscN

CANNT Research Grant

Is presented to a member conducting a research project in the advancement of nephrology practice.

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2019 Winner

Segun Famure MPH, MEd, CHE

CANNT General Bursary Franca Tantalo (Masters level)

Is presented to promote and support nurses studying at the Masters level in a program that will include and enhance their nephrology nursing practice

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2019 Winner

L. Dawn Power RN, BN, CNeph(C)