CANNT Educational Bursaries

Terms of Reference

1. The bursary shall be presented to a member(s) of CANNT to support their educational activities. The bursary is intended to encourage and support CANNT members to pursue continuing education.

2. All bursary and award winners must be members in good standing at the time of nomination and prize reception. Multiple applications can be placed however each member will only be awarded one award/bursary per year.

3. This bursary is not intended to cover examination fees or related expenses.

4. Candidates will submit an application to the Awards Committee through the Head Office of the Association. The deadline for applications is May 1st each year. Candidates will submit with their application:

  • Proof of acceptance and/or success of course, program
  • Proof of payment
  • Resume
  • Transcripts from educational institution
  • 2 Letters of Reference
  • Digital photo
  • Short Biography

5. The Bursary shall usually be presented annually, but, if in the opinion of the Awards Committee, no suitable candidate is available, the bursary shall not be awarded. A maximum of three awards shall be given in any fiscal year.

Frances Boutilier Bursary

To promote and encourage nurses to pursue continuing education at the Bachelor of Nursing level.

Franca Tantalo Graduate Bursary

To promote and support nurses studying at the Masters level in a program that will include and enhance their nephrology nursing practice

Technical Bursary

To promote and encourage continuing education in nephrology within the technical membership.

6. Recipients of the Bursary shall receive a maximum of $2000. Awarding of this bursary is subject to available funds.  Bursary amounts may be reduced, or the bursary may not be funded in any given year, at the discretion of the Association.

7. The Awards Committee shall choose the recipient(s) of the bursary.

8. The Awards Committee shall report its choice(s) to the Administrator by July 31st in the year for which the bursary is made.

9. The President of the Association will notify recipient(s) not later than July 31st in the year in which the bursary is made.

10. The recipient(s) is not required to give an address or paper, but the bursaries will be announced, and the awardee(s) recognized at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

11. The amendment of the Terms of Reference is the responsibility of the Association. The terms of reference should be reviewed every five years.