CANNT Sponsored Grants

Terms of Reference

  1. The aims of the sponsored Research, Preceptorship/Mentorship, Technical and Allied Health Grants Program are to advance patient care and to facilitate the professional development of Canadian Nephrology Nurses and Nephrology Technologists as well as Allied Health Professionals working in nephrology. The goals of the sponsored Research, Preceptorship/Mentorship, Technical and Allied Health Grants Program are:
  • To improve patient care and associated outcomes
  • To build on existing nursing and technological knowledge through facilitation of research, preceptorship/mentorship, and educational opportunities
  • To generate new knowledge that will improve the understanding of renal disease management
  • To provide a vehicle to inspire nephrology nurses and nephrology technologists to seek new learning opportunities and engage in professional projects.

2. All award winners must be members in good standing at the time of nomination and prize reception. Multiple applications can be placed however each member will only be awarded one award per year.

3. The Grant(s) shall be presented to a member(s) for the following:

  • Nursing Research Project Grant– Novice Researcher (minor project), to the value of $2,000
  • Nursing Research Grant – Experienced Researcher (major project), to the value of $4,000
  • Nephrology Preceptorship/Mentorship Grant – Nurse Practitioner, Vascular Access, Nursing Outreach, to the value of $3,000
  • Nephrology Technological Practice Grant, to the value of $2,000
  • Allied Health Professionals Grant, to the value of $2,000

4. The Grant(s) shall usually be presented annually, but if in the opinion of the Awards Committee, no suitable candidate is available, the Grant(s) shall not be awarded.

5. Recipients of the Grant(s) shall receive a maximum award as outlined above. The award(s) are subject to available funds.  Award amounts may be reduced, or may not be funded in any given year, at the discretion of the Association.

6. Candidates will submit an application to the Awards Committee through the Head Office of the Association. The deadline for applications is May 1st each year. Candidates will submit with their application:

  • Approval and recommendation letter signed from direct reporting manager
  • Written summary outlining the objectives for use of this funding (500 words for Nursing Preceptorship/Mentorship, Technological, Allied Health and Nursing Research (Novice Research) grants; 1000 words for proposals for Nursing Research (Experienced Researcher) grants:
    • Goals and objectives of the study
    • Methodology used
    • Description of the potential benefits of the study to the practice of nephrology nursing, technology or patient care
    • Describe the projected timeline
  • Resumé or CV
  • Covering letter
  • Detailed Budget
  • Digital photo
  • Short Biography

7. The Awards Committee shall choose the recipient(s) of the Grant(s) based on the following criteria:

  • Significance – The potential to build on existing knowledge that will improve nephrology practice, education or patient care.
  • Research Quality – This include clarity of the rationale, hypothesis and objective, strengths and weakness of the experimental design and feasibility of project completion.
  • *note – if the application is not for a research project, is the rationale for the project clearly defined and have they clearly outlined the objectives and plan.
  • Applicant Qualifications – Demonstrated support for (via written reference) or experience that predicts successful completion of the project.
  • Budget – Feasibility of project completion with proposed budget.

8. The Awards Committee shall report its choice to the Administrator by July 31st in the year for which the award is made.

9. The President of the Association will notify recipient not later than July 31st in the year in which the bursary is made.

10. The recipient is not required to give an address or paper, but the award will be announced, and the awardee recognized at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

11. The amendment of the Terms of Reference is the responsibility of the Association. The terms of reference should be reviewed every five years.