May 11 Tributes – Dialysis Management Clinics and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dialysis Management Clinics

This is a tribute to our resilient team of registered nurses at Dialysis Management Clinics. We have countless examples of ways our nursing team has stepped up through this pandemic and wanted to share but a few of those stories from our three community dialysis sites:

  • On average, our sites transfer in 1-2 new dialysis patients per month. In wave 1 of the pandemic our nursing team saw a 7x increase in transfers. In under a month they quickly transferred in 16 new patients from a local hospital program. Their action helped to ensure that hospital could free up space for isolation stations and improve distancing between stations.
  • Every five years our sites undergo mandatory inspections and accreditation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. These inspections happened to be occur during the pandemic. In spite of all the stress from the pandemic, our nurses still managed to thrive and shine through the inspections, including through their practice observations and chart audits. We were so proud of them.
  • During wave 2 of the pandemic, our Markham team decided to proceed with a major renovation at our site. The renovation would increase dialysis capacity for the region and increase space between our dialysis stations. The process of renovating the unit during a pandemic added a layer of complexity and challenge that was handled exceptionally well by our team. The team grew stronger and closer through the pandemic, and thanks to one of our support staff now even share a special team outfit!
  • Most importantly, our nursing team has shown real leadership through this pandemic. They have adapted in the moment, stepped outside their comfort zone, covered for one another and always made our patients and families feel welcome and safe. We captured the words of our patients, and what it meant to be in the care of our nursing team through this pandemic. The words still ring true and remain to this day in each of our clinics featured in piece of framed word art.

A special thank you to our team of registered nurses at our Markham, Pickering and Peterborough sites. We are all deeply grateful for who you are, what you do and the impact of your care.

Here’s hoping next year for a pandemic free nursing week.

Working as a System to Support our Dialysis Patients

Special Team Dialysis Nurse Outfit!

Voices of Our Patients in Word Art

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

The Sunnybrook Hemodialysis Team has set an example of resiliency and professional dedication in caring for our 300+ chronic hemodialysis patients.

The team was at the forefront of this pandemic and continues to lead by example as we surpass the one year mark.

As with healthcare professionals throughout the world, The Sunnybrook Dialysis team have adapted to rapidly evolving information and changing environments to keep their focus diligent in caring for a highly vulnerable patient population.

Social and psychological support for our patients has shifted from companions, and volunteers to our dedicated team as restrictions removed these important forms of support.

Each of our team feel the stretch in caring and managing our patients current needs and at the same time grieving for patients we have lost and grieving for routines in our professional settings that have been altered.

In addition, each member of the Sunnybrook Dialysis team has come face to face with COVID19 worrying about what they may acquire and what they may bring home.

Our team has had members that have experienced COVID19 requiring intensive care admission impacting their well-being.

The team rallied around these staff members showing them heart filled support as they encouraged their speedy recovery.

The staff are tired and scared but continue to push to provide the support and care they whole heartedly know to do for each other and for each of our patients.

Despite all these challenges our team has persevered and will continue to be positive and persevere.

Our renal leadership team is proud to pay tribute to each member of our team from our technologists, technical assistants, patient administrative assistants, patient support personnel and our nurses for their ability to meet the demands required of them during this past year.

Sunnybrook Hemodialysis Team