May 13 Tributes – Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Partners and William Osler Heath System

Trillium Health Partners/ Credit Valley Hospital

COVID -19 Pandemic situation has placed a great amount of challenges among frontline staff. The Renal team at CVH has shown a tremendous amount success in overcoming this challenge on a daily basis. Team work environment is displayed through out this difficult time.
The team has shown a shift in mindset from “I” to “we” when caring for patients with Kidney disease. Rather than thinking “I will do x, y, and z for this patient today,” as is typical when using the primary nursing care model many of us are used to, the team has taken nursing as to “We will do x, y, and z for this patient today,” while defining exactly who will be responsible for each of those actions.
Its an amazing feeling to be a part of this great team. As always we say “Renal Rocks”
Anitha D’souza CNeph(C)

Credit Valley Hospital

Trillium Health Partner Renal Dept. is a huge group, nurses doctors renal assistant technician pharmacist dietitian about 200 people to work as a team.
Every day we have a lot unpredictable situation. Need to do acute dialysis in CVH or Mississauga hospital, need to do dialysis in the ICU , ER. 2B. 1 C 6J , need to train patient to do dialysis at home, need to call 911 in satellite dialysis unit and help to prepare patient transfer to hospital, need to help patient prepare for kidney transplant, need to do education night for PD or home HD. and so on. And also need to do dialysis for Covid-19 patient. Our team is leaded by our director manager, supervisor. CN. We every day work so hard as a great team to make patient safe and satisfy.
Last year October, Epic system was launch, we face a lot of new challenge, our manager, supervisor and super user all nursing staff working diligent to learn and make this system to doing good for our patient’s safety.
Sometimes we skipped our break time in order to work smoothly. Patient’s safety, effective treatment and timely care is always our priority. When short of staff, our lovely nurses once received a call from scheduling team, will just come to work for our dialysis patient, work for our team without any delay.
Sometimes we also have some complaints, but regardless complaint, when we in the patient’s bed site, we show our passion, we use our professional skills and judgement and we provide the best of care to renal patient.
It is always in our mind: Renal, we are the family.
We rock, renal team.


Credit Valley Hospital Renal Team

Credit Valley Hospital Eleanor Lau RN Renal Dept.

1. Compassionate toward patients and demonstrate outstanding nursing skill and communication skill to handle stressful situations.
2. A excellent bedside manner, An excellent teaching skill to the patient and nurses.
3. Analytical, and problem-solving n skills in daily clinical practice.
4. Working very hard. Using her own time to resolve problem during Epic working computer system changing time, as a super user, she is very patient to her colleagues.
5. Her smiling face, her positive attitude influence our working department.

Eleanor Lau CVH

William Osler Health System

The Region of Peel is among the hardest-hit communities in Ontario by the COVID-19 pandemic. The William Osler Health System renal team continues to demonstrate their dedication and resilience as we provide life-sustaining renal therapy to a susceptible and at-risk population. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced our hands to adapt and identify innovative ways to provide the care that our patients require safely. We are proud of each member of our Renal team and commend their ability to prioritize the needs of our patients. The William Osler Health System Renal Program thanks all members of our Nursing team. We are proud of your achievements during this difficult time and appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for all that you do and Happy Nurses Week!
William Osler Health System