May 14 Tributes – Thunder Bay Regional Heath Sciences Centre and Western Memorial Regional Hospital and Panorama Community Dialysis Unit

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

COVID has come with nothing but change. Change to practices, change to PPE, change to the way and where we provide treatment. Our renal team has really been adaptable and accepting of all changes along the way. In the beginning lack of PPE and conflicting messages and policies on what to wear when added to high stress levels. Our team was able to work through anything put in place be adaptable and flexible and understanding to trying something one day only to have it changed the next. Our first positive COVID renal patient saw us implementing in hospital unit hemodialysis treatments on the COVID unit. This was a new and scary experience for most but patient care came before fear and now it is the new norm. I commend these nurses for coming to work everyday in the face of the unknown and providing the best patient care possible as well as emotional support to such a vulnerable patient population. I have the daily reward of managing heroes and I couldn’t be prouder of the care they are providing. Our team worked together it is hard to recognize just one professional team from the HHD, MCKC, Dialysis aides, Biomed, in centre RN’s and PDU RN’s and the many interdisciplinary team members they all came together to support each other. They deserve a huge shout out and round of applause!


Western Memorial Regional Hospital

Throughout the past year dialysis nurses have overcome so much adversity due to the changing and challenging times of covid 19… however we’ve overcome these challenges that we would face daily and have been there to care for and protect our patients every step of the way … our team at the WMRH Dialysis Unit has come together throughout this pandemic supporting each other every shift. We will overcome this!!!


Western Memorial Regional Hospital

Panorama Community Dialysis Unit

A Tribute to my Colleagues, Nurses and Friends by Glo Hunt RN.
I would like to honor this tribute to all PCDU team- my friends, colleagues and my educational advocates. I first worked @PCDU 2008 new building and I remembered we are only operational 3x week M-W-F. Now we are operating hemodialysis Mon-Sat in full capacity.
I would like to share with you that PCDU became my family who has influenced me greatly, my social and my home. It is because that I carefully consider to choice this as my second beloved home knowing I can dramatically affect the lines of my pt through the choices and characteristics of my team. All the nurses and the team sacrifices their time, energy and professionalism for others was quite authentic, they was never trying to gain anything for themselves. The dynamic of this team is phenomenal.
How did your nephrology nursing team answer the call? It’s easy— Respectful, Professionalism, Accountability and pt. centered conversation.