“Member-Get-a-Member” Campaign

Current Campaign: 2020
• The CANNT 2020 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign will begin in April 2020 and will end on September 30, 2020.
• Invite Your Friends and Colleagues Today!
• The top “Recruiter” will receive a free one year membership renewal!*
• Be active for CANNT, take part in this campaign, and win the prize!

Why Should You Participate?
• Every time you recruit a new member, you strengthen CANNT.
• A vital and growing CANNT means improved educational and networking opportunities for all members and advancement of nephrology nursing and technology in Canada.
• Spread the word about the benefits of CANNT membership!

Campaign Rules
• To receive credit for each new referral, the application form of the new member must include the name of the member who recommended them.
• The referral must be enrolled for membership by September 30, 2020 in order for the recruiter to be eligible for the prize of one free one year membership renewal.

How Do You Participate?
• Know your CANNT Activities & Member Benefits.
• Contact potential members. Share how CANNT has benefited you, and direct them to Join CANNT on our website at https://cannt-acitn.ca/membership/. The application form has a section for the new member to place your name as the person who recommended them for membership. This must be completed for you to obtain credit as a recruiter.
• Send an email to the CANNT National Office with the potential member’s name and email address and the national office staff will follow up with them personally.
• When the new member’s application arrives with appropriate payment and is approved, you will be advised by email.

Contact Us
CANNT National Office

*We must receive a minimum of 10 new members in order to award the prize.