We are Excited to Introduce Our “Member-Get-a-Member” Campaign

The CANNT 2020 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign will begin in April 2020 and will end on September 30, 2020. Invite Your Friends and Colleagues Today! The top “Recruiter” will receive a free one year membership renewal.* For more information click hereBe active for CANNT, take part in this campaign, and win the prize!

*A minimum number of new memberships must be received in order to award the prize

What are the benefits of CANNT membership?

  • Online access to the peer-reviewed Quarterly CANNT Journal for all members.
  • Online access to the Vascular Access Guidelines, Standards of  Nursing Practice and  Standard of Technical Practice.
  • Discount of the Annual Conference registration fee.
  • Educational opportunities at a reduced cost or free to members.
  • Connections to the latest information and resources related to nephrology, technology or nursing.
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues practicing in your nephrology specialty on a national level.
  • Opportunities for collaborative networking and problem solving through participation in a Refined Clinical Practice Group.
  • CANNT Awards, Bursaries and Research Grants offered to individuals in recognition of their excellence in the workplace and/or to further their studies in Nephrology.
  • CANNT represents its membership as affiliates of various organizations and acts as your link to those organizations to help keep you connected and informed..

Membership Fee

One Year membership – $80.00

Two Year Membership – $150.00

One Year Student Membership – $40.00

Membership Types

Nurse Member

An individual who is a registered nurse, registered practical nurse or licensed practical nurse associated with nephrology nursing. A NURSE MEMBER is entitled to notice of and to attend, participate and vote at meetings of the members.

Technologist Member

An individual who is a graduate of a post-secondary program in electronics, chemistry, physics, biology, biomedical engineering or nephrology technology, who is functioning within the technical aspects of the field of nephrology. Existing technical members not having the above-mentioned academic background will be “grandfathered” in unless their CANNT membership lapses. In the latter event, they would need to acquire the requisite qualifications to be re-considered for membership.   A TECHNOLOGIST MEMBER is entitled to notice of and to attend, participate and vote at meetings of the members.

Associate Member

A person who generally qualifies for membership, but is otherwise ineligible as a NURSE or TECHNOLOGIST member and who wishes to join and work on behalf of the organization. An ASSOCIATE MEMBER is entitled to notice of and to attend meetings of the Members but is not entitled to participate or vote at such meetings.

Student Member

A person who is enrolled in full time studies in an educational program related to Nephrology. Student membership fee will be 50% of a regular member rate. A full time student is defined as being registered in two or more semesters in one calendar year. A STUDENT MEMBER is entitled to notice of and to attend, participate and vote at meetings of the members.

Registration Form – New Members

Renewal of Membership

If your membership expired after 2018-04-30, you may renew online. If your membership expired prior to that date you must join as a new member.

You must be logged in to renew online.

Instructions to Renew Online

Step 1: Login with your username and password.

If you do not know your password, you may request a password reset.

If you do not know your username, please contact

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Step 2: Click on the ACCOUNT tab on the right.

Step 3: Click on the Renewal Form button. Update your profile information, select membership type, payment method and click the SUBMIT button.